Podcast – Episode 5: Nanhe Azaad Bol – Expressions by Children

Samvidhan Live Podcast

Podcast – Episode 5: Despite COVID restrictions, communication across communities continues. Most of the communication is between adults while children are left at the mercy of online classes, television, mobile and remaining confined to closed spaces. How has the lockdown impacted children? What do they feel?

Our Nanhe Azaad Bol host Kashafna asked this very pertinent question to her friends Pihu, Alfiya, Afreen, Kaavy, Mahir, Yashasvi, Zoya, Faiza, Gun Gun, and Aarna.

Samvidhan Live team member Adbulla helped in putting their voices together.

Here are their responses!

This is the first podcast by children.

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Do send in your feedback at [email protected]. Children will be glad to hear from you.