About Us

samvidhan live
samvidhan live

The Team

We are a collective of Activists, Feminists, Artists, Designers, Journalists, Teachers and Students with interests in People’s Movements and the Constitution. This group is run voluntarily with contributions from like-minded people.

Our Approach

At a time when mainstream media fails to represent and reflect people’s voices, it becomes imperative for free, independent and alternative media collectives to take up the responsibility of bringing voices from the ground to the fore. Samvidhan Live is an independent media collective that aspires for an equitable and just world for all – a world free of discrimination, violence and exploitation; where every individual has the space to attain his or her highest potential and live a life of dignity. The Constitution of India has provisions that help navigate us in this direction. However, We, the People of India are witness to an era when the Constitution itself is under continued assault highlighting the deepening chasm between the State and its people.  Unconstitutional decision-making by the central government, aided by neo-liberal policies and divisive fascist party-politics have damaged the country’s economy. Policy makers refuse to consult civil society over matters that concern national interests like citizenship.

How will this work?

Samvidhan Live strives to be the voice of the voiceless by putting a beacon the existing gaps in policy making and communication with the people. Samvidhan Live is a virtual-physical space for reflection, analysis and dialogue that has potential to be channelized into collective action. The site is a dynamic news portal as well covering news and views about people’s movements, locally and globally.