Help and support.

Today I am putting this post up, speaking not for myself but on behalf of some people who are very precious to me.

For a little information to start with, doing my Graduation thesis on sex-workers living in Sonagachi, I did not just get access to contacts merely, I have been blessed with a family. In the recent crisis, the story is such that there are definitely no corona virus deaths; but deaths due to starvation, deaths due to over-pressurising and abusive families. I am completely aware that in all parts of India, there are thousands who may be dying, but sadly they are not linked to this profession, nor is their gender in question. The people I am talking about here are people who are Transgenders (including various forms that the word stands for) mostly practicing sex-work, clapping and begging in trains. They have families who on the one hand abuse them and on the other depend on them completely for each day’s consumption.
I won’t bore you with details, it’s just that they too are equally doomed and they do not have a media or a Photographer to post on any media platform. I know it’s a very big thing to do, but I am trying and raising a little something that I can through everyone I know.
I know money is very valuable and there can be many apprehensions, however all I can do is just request you all to put in little amounts that you could. I have started this all by myself, after a call from a very close person who is in the same profession. However, I firmly believe if we all come together, if not the complete society, but a portion of it will thrive.

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Note: For information on how you could contribute, any of you could drop a mail at [email protected]

Thank you for hearing out.
Please do give it a try. This family of mine, is in great dismay and your help could do wonders.

– Anchita Sen.
(Shared by a junior)