Chronology of CAA, NRC, NPR

Nov 20: Amit says all India NRC coming
Dec 11: CAA passed
Dec 15: Attack on Jamia
Dec 15: Shaheen Bagh
Dec 18: Protestors murdered in UP
Dec 19: Protests across India
Dec 21: Malaysia condemns CAA
Dec 22: Modi says NRC not discussed
Dec 24: Amit says NRC, NPR not linked
Jan 1: Bhopal satyagraha against NPR, NRC, CAA
Jan 5: Attack on JNU
Jan 15: Kerala challenges CAA in SC
Jan 16: Centre removes PAN link in NPR
Jan 17: Lucknow Ghantaghar protest
Jan 17: Bengal says no to NPR meeting
Jan 17: Centre says NPR parents’ details can be skipped
Jan 22: SC refuses to stay CAA
Jan 28: Odisha says no to parents’ details in NPR
Jan 29: EU MEPs table anti CAA resolution
Feb 23: Trump visit, Kapil Mishra threat
Feb 24: Delhi riot
Feb 25: Bihar Assembly passes no NRC resolution
Feb 27: Roger Waters reads out anti CAA poem
Feb 28: UK House of Lords debates CAA
Feb 28: US State Dept condemns Delhi riot
Feb 28: Indonesia condemns Delhi riot
Feb 29: Protests in 18 European cities
March 2: Iran condemns violence against Indian Muslims
March 3: Andhra Pradesh says NPR on 2010 rules
March 4: UNHCHR intervenes on CAA

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March 4: CAA debate in UK House of Commons
March 5: USCIRF hearing against CAA
March 5: Kashmir Internet restored
March 5: Modi’s Brussels visit called off
March 9: Modi’s Dhaka visit called off