podcast-8: Online scams and Game investing by teenagers

Now days internet is a massive platform for duping people who are digitally inactive. Teenagers who are not aware of the gaming ecosystem are one of the widest users. Very often they get trapped in scamming. This also involves money. Parents, teachers and adult guardians do not have much information and therefore remain in the dark about their children’s online activities. Many children thus fall prey to scamming.

If you have started to panic just hold back! These scamming attempts can be prevented by getting the basic knowledge about how scammers function.

Know your rights! Know about the Gaming ecosystem. Know how teenagers arrange money for wasting in online games. Know why online games are addictive…

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We have put together a podcast with views and information from users and experts.  Teenage Amit Pandey is the host for this podcast and Eshaan as usual has done the editing.  Ram, Gaurav, Anas Ali, Aurangzeb, Naveen Gautam,  Eshaan have shared their views.

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